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Watch the Harmony & Theory online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Guitar Interactives

In this section you will find 11 key principles of Harmony & Theory. You will learn how the major scale is constructed and how that determines the chords that are built from harmonizing that scale. From there we’ll build chords from each tone of the major scale, all the way from diads ( 2 note chords) up to complex 6 note 13th chord extensions . At this point you will have a full understanding of how to build and name each chord and what types of chords are built from each scale degree.

You’ll learn to understand that a chord can be built from each note in the scale. Adding a 5th to the root note creates a diad. Adding a 3rd to the diad creates a triad. Adding a 7th to a triad creates a 7th chord etc...logical learning paths for the optimun growth in your guitar playing knowledge!

You’ll also learn that triad and seventh arpeggio’s are derived from the major scale and so do our beloved Major and Minor Pentatonic scales!

You’ll be very excited to know that you only have to understand these 11 key principles in one key, as all of the information we’ll study transposes seamlessly into every other key, shape and pattern on your guitar!