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Watch the Diads & Power Chords online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Guitar Interactives


We already understand where these chords are derived from so lets take a look at where we can locate these great chords on the fretboard.

We have the ability to construct and play power chords with a 6th,5th,4th and 3rd string root note across the entire fretboard.

Lets play the G major scale power chords using all four possible root note variations.

I’ve also prepared a great track for you to mix and match your power chord voicings! Play through the progression and change which voicings you choose. It will make a significant diference.

I’ve also provided a track that cycles through the Major Scale 7th chords. You can play your diatonic power chords over this track to associate the 7ths with the power chords that occur on each degree of the major scale.