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Watch the Developing Your Sound online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Guitar Interactives


I truly believe that your own sound is developed by listening carefully to your own playing style and technique and then capitolising on your strengths.

I really liked my vibrato and bends and felt that they were very important aspects of my playing style, so I developed them to be as solid as I could make them. Melodic lines and catchy hooks have always appealed to me as well, so those have also become a part of my trademark style.

I’ve never wanted to be, or sound like anyone else, so developing my own approach was always a passion of mine.

Take some time to analyse what you do and how you do it. Identify what you like and enhance that further until it becomes seamless with you and your personality.

Record yourself playing whenever possible, as you are your own best teacher! You’ll hear things you like and you’ll also identify the weaknesses and the aspects of your playing you’d like to change. Be conscious of what you say on your instrument as it reflects who you are...if your playing doesn’t reflect who you are you haven’t made that connection yet...

Buy gear with your ears not your eyes and let the equipment you choose become an extension of your voice, the broadcaster of who you are. Once you’ve made the connection with all of these elements your sound will evolve into a unique expression of who and what you are as a musician...all you have to do at this point is listen!