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Watch the Effect Chains online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Guitar Effects Survival Guide

A question I get asked a lot is where I put certain pedals in my effects chain. This is very important to getting certain sounds so the answer may change. It is improtant to know that certain pedals really need to be at the end of your chain to sound best, such as reverb. Other pedals like chorus and flangers can go before or after overdrive, it depends on what sound you are looking for. So there is a lot of experimenting that can be done. Nothing is written in stone but here is what I like: guitar - fuzz- tuner- mod - od - delay- rev. That is a basic setup that I would use that gives me the classic guitar sounds I love so much! So much of the fun with pedals is trying things out. For example a delay before od isn’t always optimal, but if you tweak it right it can sound very cool, just ask Eric Johnson!