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Watch the Would I Care online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Groove Builder

Here we tackle a string of chords occuring in section B. For the E Minor 9 use E Minor Pentatonic, E Dorian, G Major 7 Arpeggios, D Arpeggios, D Major Pentatonic. For the D/G which is the next chord, you can use all the same information as both chords share many tones. The next chord is C#7#9#5 which requires C# Super Locrian; C Major 9 is the next chord which accepts C Lydian, C Major scale without the 4th step, E Minor Pentatonic, C and D Arpeggios; C Minor 9 is the next chord which comes from C Dorian. You could use various Cm Arpeggios and the C Minor Pentatonic scale. The next chord is Eb Major 9 which will accept all the material from the Cm9. One great link for these two chords would be the Eb Major 7 Arpeggio. The next two chords are B7#9#5 and E7#5#9. Use Super Locrian off the root of each of these chords.