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Watch the Rock Groove in A online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Groove Builder

This series addresses one of the most common problems that a guitarist deals with - avoiding the rut of playing the same old tired "licks". The main reason this occurs is that the player does not make a determined effort to play differently than his/her normal comfort zone.

I will reveal some "practice schemes" which will help you focus on specific musical and technical areas thus forcing you to deal with weak areas in your playing. Strengthening your weaknesses not your strengths is how you grow into a balanced musician with a strong foundation thus allowing you to build an entire lifetime toward the goal of being able to express yourself more effectively through your instrument.

For our first track, we'll apply the A minor pentatonic scale over section A, but instead of using the typical 6 root scale form in fifth position, you'll learn how to "open up" your field of vision on the fingerboard by using what I term "double pentatonics". This is an example of addressing how you lay out information on the fingerboard and what possibilites are revealed in the process. We then deal with technique by utilizing legato slides within this "double pentatonic" scale form.

For Section B of our solo, we'll limit ourselves to power chord apreggios to zero in on strong tones while navigating through the changes. You'll also learn a slick concept for the D chord of modifying the pentatonic scale to form a dominant 9 arpeggio.

In part two of this lesson I'll show you how to develop variety with 3 note-per-string scale forms by viewng them from a low-middle-high standpoint.