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Watch the Sus Chord Scales online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Funk Fission

A chord scale is a succession of harmonic elements according to a pre-determined formula. Simply put, it’s just like a single note scale, but played with chords. You can also call these harmonized scales, too (that’s how I learned them from Frankie Cicala back in the Silverton Music days). In these next two segments I show you how to build a chord scale consisting of sus2 chords that’s built from the A major scale (A-B-C#-D-E-F#-G#). Within this scale of chords you’ll see how altered sus chords such as the susb2 and sus2b5b fit into diatonic (all in one key) harmony. As an added bonus you discover the ‘conveyor belt’ concept, which helps counteract neck vision limitations.

Look to your chart for the three chord scales I mention in this segment, which includes the chord scales I suggest you build from the 1st and 2nd inversions of sus2 in the key of A. Also, you’ll notice in the chart for the root position sus2 chord scale the C#susb2 is contrary to the clam I play towards the end of segment. This is in fact the correct way to play it so go by what’s in the chart and please excuse my blunder as well as my bout with the tongue-twisting challenge of reciting that chord’s name!