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Watch the Shackman online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Funk Fission

Taking a look at Fig. 1 there’s a pull from a single note to a chord at the top of beat 2 in the 1st bar. Tricky as it may seem, it’s actually pretty easy as all you need to do is flick your fret hand 3rd finger downward off the fourth string B at the 9th fret and make sure you make contact with the two higher adjacent strings making a snappy D/A triad coming blasting out.

Moving over to Fig. 2 you’ll see some changes in the melody notes as compared to what’s usually played at the 4th beat of this two bar riff. Instead of playing a double hammer on from the b3 (D) I played the same inflection from the M2/M9 (C#). At the top of the 2nd bar I purposely hammer down a 4th fret G# on the sixth string within the same motion as a finger smack to throw in a rhythmic and melodic curveball. Also, notice the rare eighth note rest in the same bar at the downbeat of beat 3 - sometimes you just need to lay off pouncing on those strings!

Fig. 3 really lays down some things to think about starting with what happens at the 2nd 16th note of the 3rd beat in bar 1. I hit a perfect fourth (F#-B) on the 9th fret of the fifth and fourth strings, but as I fretted the interval the tip of my 3rd finger ghost hammered the C# on sixth string. From the C# I did some ghost legato moves toggling the whole step below root B. Take note: That sort of thing comes from playing this style a lot and it’s not something I premeditated, although it was intentional. Continuing to stir things up offbeat-palooza at beats 3 and 4 of the 2nd bar that ends with a P1 pop on the 7th fret E, which you then see my thumb swing up an upstroke to hit the open on the downbeat of the 3rd bar that is followed by the root B on the upbeat. Though it may seem “wrong” that I displaced the ending low E to the next bar, the reality is I was in the zone and the groove just led me there—so I went with it and you should too when doing your thing.