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Watch the Sequenced Filter Effects online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Funk Fission

The pedal you see in this segment is a testament to patience. While the idea behind the Z.Vex Seek Wah is as glorious as its tone, the pedal is a tough one to integrate into anything other than playing solo since it propels such a strong rhythmic element. For years I used my Max Wah (I have a custom version of the Seek Wah) in solo settings as you can hear for yourself by clicking the link below to another tune from Solitaire called “Travolta”. In those years I assaulted the Z.Vex inbox with emails suggesting/requesting for a way to control the tempo via the at-the-time emerging tap tempo technology. Finally, in the 11th hour when I was considering dumping the pedal as I felt I’d taken it as far as I could, I took a shot and hit the web to see if any progress had been made in regards to modding the Seek Wah for tap tempo. Lo and behold, Jon Cusack, maker of the Tap-A-Whirl witnessed in the previous segments, designed a tap tempo mod that saved the day. This goes to show that if at all possible you should hold onto those pieces of gear you think have had their time in your arsenal as they might someday become vital once more. It could be a certain trend brings it back to life, a technological innovation resurrects it as seen here, or, it becomes a vintage jewel that provides the down payment on your next car!

A quick note on modding in general: As you will see I allowed Jon to drill two holes in what is considered a rare bird due to the unique paint job on my Max Wah. The reality is this: It’s more important to me for my gear to function properly and to provide me with options that not only work for me, but better yet, inspire me. Besides, now I’ll most likely never sell it as Cusack’s tap tempo mod has made the pedal invaluable to me.

Z Vex