Watch the Phasing online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Funk Fission

My longtime pedal tech and good friend, Gus Smalley, did all the modifications to the Small Stone (as well as many other pedals of mine). Most important is the gain boost circuit mod that was installed after the phasing circuit, which counteracts the inherent signal loss in all phasers. This allows me to not only get my signal back to unity, but use the phaser when engaged as a boost!

While playing through the Pogo Stick riff, I make a switch to an AM radio type sound copping an idea heard on countless pop record break downs. Coupled with my ‘clav picking’ idea and the pickup setting, I can really capture that production trick in real-time. This idea actually represents a lot of my vision when it comes to effects. The goal is to try to inject elements into what I’m playing that sound as if they were part of a final production albeit being improvised.

Another concept to geek on is exploring the very nature of a given effect such as the fact I present here about phasers and how they can act as quasi-envelope filters when played in a certain manner. This discovery allows me to utilize a phaser in a whole new way making it even more valuable to me in my pedal board, which always is a situation where space is an issue.