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Watch the Frequency Sweeping and online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Funk Fission

Once again you can hear a human vocal-like quality as I expressively sweep (pun intended) through the frequency range set on the H.O.G while playing the Doobie Mod riff. That combined with the 1/4-step inflections first talked about in the Pitch Modulation: Fingers segment helps that throaty tone I have going on sound slinky and almost elastic.

When first starting out on a wah or other foot controllable effect, players tend to go from extreme toe up to toe down movements. Now, keep a close eye on my foot as I rock the treadle through this segment and pay attention to how I move my foot back and forth in calculated distances really playing the sound. I move the treadle almost dynamically, but with little movement, and staying with the bass range for more subdued portions of the vamp as opposed to more toe down movements for climatic portions.

It’s important to note not every expression pedal is compatible with every effect that is expression pedal ready. Also, some expression pedals are proprietary to effects of the same brand, i.e. Line 6. Unlike MIDI, no standard in design parameters has been established, so be sure you ask what goes with what when making purchases. From my experience the M-Audio EX-P works with just about anything. If you had to buy a second, the Boss EV-5 would be the pedal that worked with ones that weren’t compatible with the M-Audio unit.