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Watch the Doobie Mod online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Funk Fission

For this set of variations on a theme I’m going to introduce some new ideas that weren’t in the mix for the Pogo Stick and Shackman riffs such as whammy bar dips, sus chord inversion options, and modulating the riff. The whammy bar inflections give the riff an elasticity in to the overall sound that I hear other guitarists like David Fiuczynski and Steve Vai employ, but also innovative turntablists like Kid Koala. By utilizing inversions, I’m able to play off the rhythmic skeleton of Doobie Mod and play variations of the sus chords breathing new life into a riff built on a static tonal center (in this case C Dorian). So, be sure to play through all the sus chord inversions, and not just the root position chords I laid out for you in the previous sus chord segments. Having a good grasp of the entire vision of whatever harmonic concept you play is especially valuable considering the many impromptu one-chord jam sessions you will surely participate in. That said, there will also be plenty of scenarios where changes will be involved and you’ll need to be able to construct (or re-construct) a riff to conform to the new tonal center. Reiterating the power of inversions, instead of just physically moving a riff up or down the neck to make the change, you can re-construct a riff with inversions as I did in this segment by modulating Doobie Mod to the iv chord (Fm7). By doing this, you can play the riff in the same area as the original idea creating nice, tight voice leading.