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Watch the Fretboard Phenom online guitar lesson by Tom Dempsey from Fretboard Phenom

Welcome to Fretboard Phenom! My name is Tom Dempsey and I'm really excited to take you on a journey that I hope will unleash a new way of looking at the fingerboard of the guitar. Through this method my intention is to help you gain greater familiarity and ease of playing the guitar. Most guitar players, including myself, go through periods of feeling like they don't know where certain things are on the guitar. How do I play a G triad in 7th position? Or people feel handcuffed and limited by where they can play certain things. They can play an A minor pentatonic scale in 5th position but can they play a C minor pentatonic scale in that same position without moving their hand. Then of course there is sight reading. I can read a little bit in open position but how can I learn to read in 5th position. In this course I want to share with you the way I have learned to look at the fingerboard. Once I began looking at it this way I was able to make connections. These connections allowed me to gain greater ease and understanding of all the notes in all twelve keys. It also gave me a method for being able to play any chord anywhere on the neck in any key. This method also helped me to move from reading in two positions to reading all over the neck of the guitar. It also helped me to play melodies in multiple positions. Through looking at the guitar I was able to move from playing in single positions to be able to make connections up an down the neck of the guitar. It simply helped to unlock the geography of the guitar neck allowing me to feel equally comfortable playing melodies, comping chords and reading music all throughout the neck. I hope that this will be your experience too. So lets begin by introducing the key to all of this which is Tonality Shapes.