Watch the Chord Cookbook online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from Chord Cookbook

This chord reference library includes all open position chords, bar chords, all the important extensions a chord can have and a number of chord tricks and systems to classify chords.

Among these chord tricks are

- moving an open position chord up the neck to create new sounds

- using bar chords without a bar

- build chords that have so called close voicings, which is the use of two notes in a chord that are ½ step or 1 step apart

- the use of pedal notes in a chord progression

- counterpoint, contrary motion and melodic movement within a chord

- an extensive look at inversions, triads, powerchord triads and ways to expand them

- and finally chords that are built with quartal harmony

You can find an overview of all the chords, chord tricks and harmony in the pdf with this lesson. The introduction video will give you an overview of the audio examples in this library. You can use it to zoom in on a specific subject you'd like to study.

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