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Watch the C7 Form online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from CAGED Dominant

Brad Carlton shares his considerable talent and vast knowledge of theory in his latest TrueFire course, CAGED Dominant, the third in the
CAGED Cracked and EDCAG Primer series. In this course, Brad continues to base improvisational ideas and fingerboard visualization on five different chord forms, giving you the structure to solo over changes that fall outside of typical I-IV-V progressions such as those found in funk, jazz and certain blues styles.

You will explore these forms and their associated dominant 7th arpeggios as well as the use of motifs to bring a fresh approach to your solos and to avoid painting yourself into a corner when improvising over less common chord progressions.

In this video we begin with the C7. Brad stresses the importance of learning the names of the dominant 7 chord tones – the tonic, 3rd, 5th and b7th. Since we are dealing with C7 in this example, the root will be located on the fifth and second strings.

As stressed throughout this course, visualize the arpeggios, which in this example is E, G, Bb, and C – the 3, 5, b7 and 1 respectively. Seeing both chord tones and their respective arpeggios as notes and chord tones will help you utilize the entire fretboard during improvisations.