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Watch the Five Chord Forms of the CAGED System online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from CAGED Cracked

Mastering the fingerboard is an enormous task that takes years of study. The biggest problem is that unlike the piano there are multiple locations for the same pitch.

The "CAGED" system is an efficient way to break a 12 fret (one octave) span of the fingerboard into five areas each of which have their own major chord form, arpeggio and major pentatonic scale form.

We will cover each of the five positions of the CAGED system and also the "EDCAG" system which applies to minor chords.

You'll also get to apply this information to static chord vamps and progressions to enhance your skills not only as a rhythm guitarist but also a soloist.
NOTE: We'll use eight jam tracks across the ten lessons. Sometimes several jams will be used as a reference in a particular lesson. Check the text for the key or progression of the jam featured in each lesson. You can and should transpose all of the forms and scales into all keys, thus each jam can be used across all forms and keys.

Jam Track: Cadd9