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Watch the Transposing Keys: D Major online guitar lesson by Dave Celentano from CAGED Commander

Changing keys is easy! Once a pattern is thoroughly memorized (brain and finger muscle memory) it's just a matter of shifting up or down the fretboard to the new key. This is determined by the position of the 'root' note in the particular scale pattern. Let's try an example in the key of D major using the 'C form' scale pattern. First locate the lowest root note in the 'C form'. Hint: it's on the A string and fingered with the pinkie. Next, locate the 'D' note on the A string (5th and 17th frets) and plant the pinkie here. Finally, play the scale ascending and descending in the key of D major (see attached tab and neck diagram charts). Repeat this process for the four remaining CAGED scale patterns in D major.