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Watch the The Major Scale online guitar lesson by Dave Celentano from CAGED Commander

A scale is comprised of a predetermined set of whole "W" and half "H" step intervals called a 'scale formula'. In this course the spotlight is on the major scale, which is the heart of basic music theory. The formula for the major scale is W,W,H,W,W,W,H (see the attached neck diagram and tablature charts). On the neck diagrams the scale degrees are represented by numbers indicating their interval distance from the root note "R". Example - the second note in the major scale is a 'major 2nd', the fourth note is a 'perfect 4th', etc. The tablature chart places the numeric names between the music and tablature staffs (because of limited space the numeric names are reduced to just the number - maj 2nd is '2', maj 3rd is '3', etc, on all tab charts. Although playing the scale on a single string helps to visualize it's interval structure (much like a piano), it's not too efficient. The second example on the neck diagram and tab charts shows a practical fingering for the major scale. Notice how compact and easy it is to play.