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Watch the Putting It All Together Solo online guitar lesson by Dave Celentano from CAGED Commander

The solo begins with a two bar melody that is developed through bar 8. Next, it segues into an improvised section featuring scale sequences and melodic syncopation (bars 9-10), arpeggio based ideas (bars 13-17), arpeggio ideas using sweep picking (bars 21-23), syncopated diatonic 3rds (bars 18-20), and syncopated diatonic 6ths (bars 25-28). There's a ton of ideas presented here so break the solo down into small digestible sections. One or two bar chunks is good to start with. Next, try to play the ideas along with the backing track. After mastering a couple sections proceed to play them together without stopping. BACKING TRACK - Try playing the ideas in this course over this latin/rock backing track in C major. Both chords are slid into from one fret below their respective positions - 'Cmaj7' is slid from the 7th to 8th fret and 'Amin7' is from 4th to 5th fret. The 'X' in tablature denotes a muted string. To mute the stack of 'Xs' in beats 2 and 4 keep the fingers on the chord grip and lightly release pressure, but do not come off the strings. When this is strummed it should produce a percussive 'scratch' or 'thud' sound. Use the right hand strum pattern notated above the tablature. Your last step is to improvise over the backing track and come up with your own solo ideas and style.