Watch the Hey Gary! online guitar lesson by Annie Raines from Blues Harmonica Blueprint

Here’s just one way to put a bunch of the techniques on this video together into a short song. This Texas-style groove is dedicated to our old friend Gary Primich, who passed away all too soon in 2007.

The first chorus starts out just chording, "ah-da-hudda-duck" style, the second chorus progresses to the Huckleberry Pie pattern, the third chorus takes off on the octave concept and uses a lot of two note chords (especially 3 and 4 draw) and allusions to Primich’s thunderous version of Jerry McCain’s "Ding Dong Daddy". Note the rhythmic chordal breathing in between the main riffs. The 4th chorus launches right into the "Rock & Roll & Bend" exercise in full swing. The 5th and last chorus echoes the third with slight variations in phrasing.

NOTE: I misspoke when I referred to a riff as "Hey Baba-Reba" - it’s actually "Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop," the 1946 Lionel Hampton hit.