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Watch the 50 Sweeps Licks online guitar lesson by Bruce Arnold from 50 Sweep Picking Guitar Licks You Must Know

Congratulations on working through "50 Sweeps Licks You Must Know!"

I think you will find that these sweeps are not only impressive to others, but extremely useful for you. Remember that your technique is key to playing sweeps quickly and cleanly, so make sure you follow the recommended technical tips, and I highly recommend TrueFire's Guitar Physiology as a companion course.

These sweeps open up a lot of exciting musical possibilities:
1. Use sweeps instead of traditional arpeggios; we provide a sweep for every chord type.
2. Each sweep has multiple applications when you analyze the superimposition choices.
3. You can play the same sweep over and over yet sound like you're playing a different melody each time simply by starting on different notes of the sweep.

Further recommended practice.
1. Start connecting one sweep to another to give you full fretboard access.
2. Create new sequences with the sweeps to give you more melodies.
3. Create your own sweeps using the ideas presented in this course.
4. Get the Sonic Resource Guide so you can see other groups of notes that you could use to create your own sweeps.

I'd love to know how you are doing with the course so please stop by: or to listen to some music or see other available educational products. Keep in touch! Also check out my TV channel on TrueFire for the Bruce Arnold Trio Provincetown video. You will get tons of examples of me using sweeps on a cool Music Man doubleneck guitar too! Thanks,