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Watch the E Mixolydian 3 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from 50 Modal Licks You MUST Know

A combination of double stop 6ths and an E9 arpeggio were used to create this lick. The opening phrase is a slide into the notes B & G#, both of which are chord tones of E7 and constitute a Major 6th double stop. I then slide into another double stop 6th at the 9th fret using the notes E & C#. I slide this 6th down a whole tone to resolve to the D & B double stop 6th at the 7th fret. D & B, both chord tones of E7 nice!

The next section of this lick is a descending run through an E9 arpeggio. Nothing too taxing here, just watch your timing and phrasing.