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Watch the E Mixolydian 2 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from 50 Modal Licks You MUST Know

Double stop 4ths always sound good in the country rock genre of music. I open this phrase with chord tones of E, B and E, which constitute the double stop 4th.

The glissando lines are very simple but make sure you keep In time but also "feel" good over the backing track. You can push and pull the phrase a little bit to make it sexier if you want too.

The last part of this lick is a descending pull off and open string combination on the 4th,5th and 6th strings. I'm Implying the G# from the E Mixolydian mode by bending the G up to G#. I recommend isolating this section and working on the pull offs until they sound smooth and in time with the track. In fact, the best way to work with all of these licks is to split them in half and work on each section separately.