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Watch the D Lydian 3 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from 50 Modal Licks You MUST Know

Lydian lick 24 incorporates pedal tone phrases,intervallic lines and minor triad runs on the top 3 strings.

The opening line targets the characteristic tone of D Lydian, the G# (#4). I really wanted to pull that tone out of the melody. You'll notice that I use the note A (5th of D major 7) as my pedal tone during the intervallic portion of the lick. This gave me a solid resolution and anchor for the notes to pedal against.

The second part of the lick focuses on creating melodies using 4 minor triad arpeggio's on the top 3 strings. B minor , F# minor, C# minor and an inverted F# minor triads, all of which come from the Key of A, so we can use those to create some cool phrases. You may have noticed that the 2 notes I resolve this phrase too are both chord tones of D Major 7. Those tones are F#(Major 3rd) and the C# (Major 7th). I really dig how the F#minor triad makes the D Major 7th chord sound minor in flavor very cool!

I end this lick with a repetition of the opening phrase, nothing wrong with that repeating the 'hook' is a good thing!