Watch the Get Outta Hii online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 50 Funk Guitar Licks You MUST Know

What happens when your funk armada includes death defying horn sections? Besides an incredible boost in your tour budget, the music you produce is inevitably taken higher. Part of that high is the inclusion of super cool syncopated lines such as the one heard here in this next lick, which is one that will bring a smile to the Earth, Wind & Fire aficionado. Lines such as this offbeat 16th feat of excellence that hearkens back to the intro from the EWF classic, "Getaway" from the Spirit album, are challenging to play while at the same time a whole lotta fun. At 114bpm you'll really feel like your chops got a boost of their own when you nail this F Dorian based excursion! By the way, for you Al McKay fans, don't you worry, a little Magic McKay is on the way.

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