Watch the Funky Riffer online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 50 Funk Guitar Licks You MUST Know

It's safe to say when Clyde Stubblefield laid down what was to become "Funky Drummer", he could never have envisioned that this beat that he had not a care in the world for would become the most sampled break in modern history. Even more clueless were guitarists Jimmy Nolen and Alphonso "Country" Kellum, who played brilliantly on the track, that their accompaniment would be completely overlooked. Put aside the MPC for just a sec so we can delve into this two bar motif that outlines a IV to I progression. The trick is nailing the subtly muted 1st string C of the F9 at the upbeat of beat 1 in the first bar, as well as playing the deceptiviely simple response lick based out of C major pentatonic in bar 2.