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Watch the Sci-Fi Surf online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from Essentials: Surf Guitar

My first melody starts on the root of the D power chord. I'm using the maj7 and b9 to get that chromatic movement. I've chosen a three note pattern for each, so the accent will shift from the downbeat to the upbeat. I use the same melody for the A power chord: Root, b9, Root, maj7, Root. All of these notes are a half step away from each other. I'm going to take that half step movement and now move it to the 5th of the chord. Now my melody is 5th, b6th, 5th, b5th, and 5th. The Bb octaves I'm playing over the Eb power chord are the 5th of the chord.

For our hits, we're using the E and F power chords. In between each chord, I'm playing bluesy fills that use an open E string to keep it chaotic and trashy sounding. Then, we end this study with syncopated power chords walking down chromatically from E to E.