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Watch the King of Surf online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from Essentials: Surf Guitar

The rhythm I'm primarily using for the tremolo picking is eighth note triplets. I add a couple variations to this: First, I add a melody note to the first note of each triplet. Then, I alternate between melody notes and open strings. The next phrase establishes a strumming motif that I use for Am, G and F. You'll notice I'm raking through the chord up to the third of each chord and walking back down to the root.

Now, we get into playing through the scale. I have a palm muted scale pattern that I play off of the b2, b6, and the b2 an octave lower. That will set me up to play a triplet scale pattern on the G string and walk all the way down to first position.

Finally, we get to our turnaround. For the B and C chords, we'll tremolo pick chord tones connecting them with diatonic steps. I start on the root until I end up on the root an octave higher. Up until now, we've only used the E Phrygian dominant scale. This last melody will use the E Phrygian with a droning B and E string.