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Watch the Love Secrets online guitar lesson by Steve Vai from Alien Guitar Secrets: Passion & Warfare

In this video segment, Steve shares background and key insights related to Love Secrets.

What was I thinking?: The last song on Passion and Warfare is called "Love Secrets", and I don't even know how to explain this one. There's obviously nothing I can really demonstrate on the guitar, the only reason I'll say anything is to hopefully inspire you to take a completely different look through the looking glass on creating a piece of music.

I recently started doing art; just started doodling (and on there's a little movie I created of my progress). I don't have any natural ability as an artist, but I like doing it. The thing that I like most about it is the "in the moment" moment of it. No thinking, no explaining, no criticizing - automatic writing, essentially. "Love Secrets" was written absolutely in this way - no thinking, just movement. What's interesting is people ask me what's my favorite song in my catalogue, or what song best represents me, and this is it. This is as deep as I can get with being creative.

I can explain what I was thinking on some of this, but it really employs virtually everything that I know, or at the time was able to take and put into a piece of music. It started out with a ride cymbal, and then an impulse to let it happen. As I started to develop this thing, I felt that it was turning into an obscure, obtuse piece of music that was very beautiful to me. Anything in it that felt right in the moment made it in, so you hear things like babies crying, people talking, odd effects on the instrument, weird chords coming in and out, etc. The song is too fast for anybody to play, it all being sequenced, which was relatively new as well.

When I wrote Passion and Warfare, it was based loosely on dreamscapes. This song was one of those experiences, with somewhat of a strange impetus: I was having these intensely weird, strange dreams in the early 80's, and in this one I was hearing this intensely loud music, that sounded like a 1,000 piece orchestra all tuned differently. I was flying through the sky and the wind was blowing incredibly fast, and I was hearing this raging music, only able to catch brief glimpses of the harmonic structure. When I woke up, it felt as if I had slammed down in the bed, and felt incredibly depressed that it had ended. "Love Secrets" is my attempt to create this music in my head, even though it's impossible. But, it shows that you can pull inspiration from anything and it's okay. It doesn't matter what it is if it inspires you to create something that's unique and fulfilling to you. There's other songs of mine that have a similar type of freedom, but this one in particular as there was only the plan of the big picture.

What could you be thinking?: You have to create an inspired picture in your head, and then let go, surrendering to the motion that will let it happen. You can do this with the guitar by creating a visual of what it should sound like and how it should feel. Embrace this feeling and see what happens.