Watch the The Chorus Lyric & Hook online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Write Your First Song

The chorus is the hook...the title...the message of the song. This is the section of the song that the audience will relate to most. Make your chorus memorable and easy to sing.

Here's the chorus to my song:

I'm the O.N.E. in lonely
I'm the one doing solitary time
I don't answer the door
Pick up the phone
I just sit in the dark, like nobody's home
It's just me and your memory
I'm the O.N.E. in lonely

So far we know that the singer is falling apart because his partner has left him...he's alone, I want to write a bridge with some semblance of hope in it...a cry for forgiveness or hope that they might get back together...let's take a look at the bridge.

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