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Watch the Slide Study 7 online guitar lesson by Sonny Landreth from Slide Supernatural

So we're rocking the blues and we're going to bring melody, harmony, and rhythm all together in a really cool way. We start off with a rake across the strings with what would be the 24th fret with my pick hand. We are in open a tuning and I am on the 12th fret. And you notice what's happening, I reach back for the first finger of the left hand and to get that flat seventh note, I just keep raking across it. And the way I do that I'm muting the bottom strings with my palm, but I want to get the effect of them in the mix. It takes some time to get it but look at the video and it will make sense. Next, we go to the fifth fret for the fourth chord which would be D. Now I slap the harmonics 12 frets above with the first finger of my pick hand. Next I play a melody, here I am using the third finger on my right hand to sound the notes. Note, how I position that finger roughly with the 24th fret would be, This gives us a nice extra harmonic information. Be sure to use as much of the meat of your finger as possible. All along I am letting the lower strings ring out sympathetically, giving a bell-like quality. Then one last slide up to the 12th fret with my first finger fretting the G behind the nut and ending with a nice slap harmonic.