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Watch the Slide Study 4 online guitar lesson by Sonny Landreth from Slide Supernatural

We are going to use the power of the octave in G major tuning. I am sounding the G chord at the 12th fret with the slide. Next I am going to hammer down the 10th fret of the 3rd string to get the F note, making the chord a G7. I’ll follow that with the same technique but now I will hammer down the C note on the 10th fret of the 4th string to imply the IV chord. I am playing all of that with a down stroke with my thumb pick. Next it gets a little tricky as I am mixing fretted notes behind the slide and finger guarding. As usual vibrato is very important to this melody. Next I sweep up from the nut to the 12th fret octave, I start the slide with my thumb pick and add my fingers in a bit or a roll as I get to the 12th fret. When we get to the V chord (D), we are also on the 12th fret by simply sounding the D string we imply that chord. It’s important to see the inner workings of each tuning and how little motion it sometimes takes to outline the chord changes. At the end of the melody I go up the b7th of the G chord with a classic bluesy lick by playing the F and D notes on the 15th fret with the slide. I want to also note that the intro of the tune is played straight, and when the band kicks in I play more of a syncopated rhythm. I really like that contrast.