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Watch the Slide Study 10 online guitar lesson by Sonny Landreth from Slide Supernatural

This is one of the more complicated tunes in the course so please take your time. I am in open E tuning and I want to show how fretting behind the slide can add a lot of color. I start off barring on the 12th fret with the slide, I then add in the 6th and sus2 behind the slide. Remember to keep that slide floating right over the 12th fret. I will then play a B7 (V7) chord by fretting the A and F# notes behind the slide, followed by the IV (A) chord with an added 9th. I really love the big open sounds this gives us with the notes ringing on both sides of the glass. I finish off the phrase by fretting the C# and D# on the low string. Next I’ll play the same passage but this time I will use the pick rake with the right hand and use some of the palm bounce technique to really bring out some or the great sounds from both sides of the slide. I am also using two delay pedals on this one and that really add some ambience and dimension. One of the delays is a standard repeat, the other is a reverse delay. I also add in some slap harmonics, please see the video and you can see how slanting your finger to roughly match the shape of the chord produces some nice harmonics oh that chord.