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Watch the 4 Signature Principles online guitar lesson by Sonny Landreth from Slide Supernatural

I want to turn you on to the four key elements of my concept for playing slide guitar.

1) Standard slide style guitar where we are essentially not using the fingerboard.
2) Mixing Slide and open strings.M
3) Mixing Slide and notes fretted behind the slide.
4) Slide and what I like to call ghost notes.

The ghost notes are produced by the strings ringing sympathetically behind the slide when I'm not dampening them. It is a combination of these four techniques that really open up the possibilities of slide guitar. The first two concepts are fairly standard slide guitar techniques but certainly require a lot of attention. Principle #3, mixing slide and fretted notes, is where things get more complicated. Here I am holding the slide over particular fret and using my fingers to press down one or more strings behind the slide creating a chord. It is important to make sure the slide hand stays in position over the fret to keep your notes in tune. I like to call this back fretting. Principle #4, slide and open string ghost notes is tricky as well. It primarily works on the 5th, 7th, and 12th frets. On these frets we get our natural harmonics and if we don’t dampen the strings behind the slide, the sympathetic string vibration produces harmonics that I call ghost notes.