Watch the Tones & Gear Talk online guitar lesson by Lee Roy Parnell from Slide Guitar Slinger

Let's get down to the tools of the trade — the things I use to get the sound in my head. As for me, I started out playing a Les Paul when I was 15. It was a '56 Les Paul, and the way the guitar feels, and the ease in moving the knobs on the guitar for different playing situations is what drew me in.

In terms of amps, a lot of time we're flying in, so we have to play whatever we can get. But, to me, a Fender Bassman is perfect. In fact, all the players who started playing Marshall amps in England were looking for Fender Bassman amps and weren't able to get them over there!

For my pedalboard, I start with an Ibanez Mostortion pedal, as well as an OCD drive pedal, then we go to an Opto compressor, and finally an Analogman Dual Analog Delay to give me a quick slap if needed.