Watch the Open E & D Tuning & Box Shapes online guitar lesson by Lee Roy Parnell from Slide Guitar Slinger

When I started playing slide guitar, there were no videos and very few books about playing guitar, and none about slide. I was living on my father's ranch in West Texas with a turntable and a guitar, sometimes with six strings on it, and sometimes in tune. When I heard Duane Allman play, I couldn't for the life of me figure out what he was doing. I struggled trying to play along in my standard tuning, unable to hit the 3rds and 7ths and frustrated that I couldn't pull it off.

I had a friend in Fort Worth who was a folky, John Fahey-esque player, who told me about open tunings and completely opened up my world. Luckily, you have TrueFire, so your journey can be a short one, unlike mine.

Here we'll look at the open E tuning, and some of the sounds that you'll recognize slide guitar players using. When playing in open D, it's the exact same thing, just tuned down a whole step.