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Watch the The "Ping Pong" online guitar lesson by Karan Andrea from Guitar Player Wanted: Vocals A Plus

**Companion CD files can be found under the "JAM" button.

This is the last consonant exercise, and it is a great one. Give it a try, but know that this one is more demanding than the rest of the exercises. If you struggle, don't get frustrated, just work to master the previous exercises, and keep coming back to this one until you get it. It works the soft palate - as you can't keep the consonants forward unless you raise your soft palate. It combines a consonant at the beginning and an 'NG' at the end. We often place both of these sounds pretty far back in our mouths when we are speaking, so this is great for teaching you to place them forward.

Depending on your own speaking accent or dialect, the 'I' can get shoved up too far in your nose and sound very pinched, so keep that vowel forward too. I have used this one to work on the starting syllables of certain songs that gave me fits. For example, the word 'people' can be a tough one. Do some ping-pongs, and all of a sudden, 'people' isn't so tough anymore. You can change the 'P' to 'K' or 'D' or 'G' - so then it becomes king-kong, or ding-dong, etc., whatever you need.