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Watch the The Pharynx & Other Components online guitar lesson by Karan Andrea from Guitar Player Wanted: Vocals A Plus

PHARYNX: This is the passageway of muscle and tissue that provides the connection between your larynx, your mouth and your nasal passages. Its major contribution to your vocal instrument is its resonance.

RESONATING CHAMBERS: Just like an acoustic or chambered guitar, you have resonating chambers in your body and head that shape your tone and pitch. Your throat and mouth (or pharynx as I just described), your nose and sinus cavities, all contribute to your sound.

You also have surfaces that act like soundboards (like the wood top of an acoustic guitar) in your hard palate, nose cartilage and bone structure of your face. As you learn to use these, you will learn to shape your tone much like you do with your guitar and amp.

HARD PALATE: This is bony cartilage that makes up the forward part of the roof of your mouth.