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Watch the The "Mm-Ah-Nn-Ah" online guitar lesson by Karan Andrea from Guitar Player Wanted: Vocals A Plus

**Companion CD files can be found under the "JAM" button.

I love this one. You probably won't! But the good news is that as soon as you get it mastered, you can stop doing it. The reason I love this exercise so much is that it taught me that there is a separation between creating sound at your vocal cords and manipulating that sound into words. This is a fairly sophisticated concept, but it is essential when you are troubleshooting pitch problems.

This exercise is difficult because you begin with a closed mouth on the 'M', then you go to an open 'AH'. Once you open your mouth, keep your jaw still and use your tongue to manipulate the sound, creating the 'AH', then the 'N,' then the 'AH' again. Stand in front of a mirror for this one.

This exercise teaches you that your tongue, your mouth, and your placement all contribute to the manipulation of sound. The toughest part of this one is learning to keep your jaw in one spot for the open sounds of the 'A' and 'N.' You are not working your range in this exercise. Your goal here is to develop a disciplined musculature.

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