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Watch the SECTION 5 online guitar lesson by Karan Andrea from Guitar Player Wanted: Vocals A Plus

**Companion CD files can be found under the "JAM" button.

This section outlines the set of exercises on the companion CD. These exercises will help you develop the muscle coordination and muscle memory that I have been talking about thus far. First up are the breathing exercises that you will use to feel the 'column of air' that I have described. Through these two exercises, you can learn to 'budget' your airflow by supporting your diaphragm with your abdominal muscles.

Once we do the breathing exercises, we will move on to the a cappella exercises. These will loosen up your voice and get you moving gently through your break, from your chest to your head voice. After the a cappella section, we'll move on to a set of exercises that will improve your consonant enunciation. The last set of exercises works your vowel enunciation. Use the companion CD to practice or warm up your voice wherever you are. You should always warm up your voice before you sing - whether you're doing a rehearsal or a gig.

As we begin, start all of these exercises on a comfortable note for your own range. Don't push to imitate me. The exercises on the CD begin low enough for a male bass voice, and some extend to high C. This is to accommodate both the deepest male and highest female ranges used in pop music. I cannot emphasize this enough: Do not expect yourself to be able to ever cover this entire range. You can really injure your voice if you push it higher or lower than what is comfortable. Everyone is different, and in order to create a universal warm-up, I am covering a much wider range than any one person would be able to cover. I cannot sing the lowest notes in these exercises.

Even though I have shown you the muscles involved in singing, remember there is a difference between coordinating those muscles and actually trying to control those muscles. This may be a little difficult to comprehend at first, but just relax and let the exercises do the work for you. Particularly in the beginning, you might want to stand in front of a mirror when you do these exercises. I will be explaining posture and other details so it is helpful to monitor yourself using a mirror.