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Check back everyday and earn at least 1 giveaway entry each of the 31 days of Rocktoberfest you will get 1 free course download credit (up to a $79 value)!

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Grab your toys and let's make some noise 'cause TrueFire's 8th Annual Rocktoberfest is bigger and badder than ever!

Everything goes on sale (up to 70% off!), and every day of October features a new collection of sales on TrueFire Courses and Jams, daily $5 course downloads, and a variety of fun and educational ways to earn mega giveaway entries! All Access plans are also on sale - save 30% on both the Annual and Lifetime Plans!

We're giving away a rockin' Orange Tube Amp Head & Speaker Combo, and to help you ramp up your home recording game, we're also giving away 31 Focusrite 3rd Gen Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interfaces (that's one for each day of Rocktoberfest!). To ice the Rocktoberfest cake, one lucky winner will receive a Lifetime All Access plan. All together that's nearly $8,000 in prizes!

Psssst... We've got a few surprises in store so be sure to visit the Rocktoberfest page daily to check the setlist. You don't want to miss a thang!


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Guess How Many Picks

Earn 10 extra Rocktoberfest giveaway entries daily just for guessing how many TrueFire guitar picks are in the jar you see here. You can guess once daily during the entire month.

At the end of Rocktoberfest, we'll reveal the correct answer and anyone who got it right will win a special surprise plus 1000 extra Rocktoberfest giveaway entries!

Grab your thinking cap and give it your best shot!


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We’re very excited to announce that, after almost two years of development, we now have a new home for our forum! You can now post text, video, and attach files across a variety of categories, upvote and downvote. Discuss any topic with fellow TrueFire Students and musicians.

In celebration of Rocktoberfest, we're divvying out free giveaways entries for participating in the new forum discussions. Create a new, legitimate discussion post, and we'll reward you with 50 free giveaway entries. Post a comment or reply to another student's comment and we'll give you 25 giveaway entries.

You can earn up to 100 extra giveaway entries per day, so be sure to check back daily to participate. Your free Rocktoberfest giveaway entries will be issued automatically within 48 hours of the time of your post or comment. Jump in!


Got writing skills? Put them to work by rating and writing reviews of TrueFire Courses, In The Jams, and Educators and earn additional free entries in the Rocktoberfest Giveaways!

Using our rating and review system at the bottom of every Course, In The Jam, or Educator page to write a truthful and informative review. Reviews must be at least 50 words.

You'll earn 50 free entries for each review you write. Bonus! Be sure to act quickly because you'll earn 100 entries if you are the first to review a particular Course, In The Jam, or Educator.

Your free Rocktoberfest giveaway entries will be issued automatically within 48 hours of the time of your review. Writers rock!








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