Watch the Come On Eddy 2 online guitar lesson by BJ Baartmans from Space Age Rock 'n' Roll Guidebook

Here's another straight rocker where Eddie Cochran and Duane Eddy meet with a country picker in overdrive mode. The rhythm guitar and the lead guitar really have to work together here if you want to avoid chaos. That's because I'm using a very similar overdrive sound for both parts. That is, if you don't want chaos...

Anyway, the lesson is divided in two again. First, there's the rhythm track that combines typical single note rock and roll lines with rhythmical accents on the higher strings. There's also some piano like triads in the bridge. The lead part of the song is a combination of styles that even has a few Django inspired arpeggio riffs in it. Not quite what you'd expect here, but nice anyway.

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