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Watch the What We Are: Solo 1 online guitar lesson by Trey Alexander from Quantum Rock

This solo uses everything from unison bends to Ynwgie Style ascending alternate picking lines. In the beginning we start with an ascending unison bend idea and then head right into that crazy alternate picking idea. You want to take notice to the movement of my right hand. There is very little motion. Try and think of it like the more controlled and the smaller the motion of your picking hand the more efficient you will be and the faster you will be able to play! This pattern will also help us get familiar with the C minor scale and all of the positions of it. Here is another great tool for learning your scales: Learn the scales on two strings moving them up in sections of six notes. Three notes per string. Once you reach the highest note on the 2nd string move the whole pattern up one scale tone but be sure to keep the notes all in the minor scale. This will really help you take your fret board knowledge to the next level. You will also notice where these fast ascending lines originate from. Towards the end of the solo we do a very smooth descending run that moves right into the last walk up. Remember use that loop function on the TrueFire player and learn any part that catches your ear first. And most of all have fun!