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Watch the Pop 2: Solo 1 online guitar lesson by Trey Alexander from Quantum Rock

Again, here we are starting with a melody. This is always a good way to start a solo. This first one gives your mind something to hold onto and then you can experiment with it! The rest of the solo is based off of combining the G minor pentatonic scale and natural G minor scale when playing over the Gmin7 chord, then we use a Bb melodic minor scale when playing over the Eb7 chord. This creates a notable tension that sounds really cool. The other thing you can do is when the progression switches to the Eb7 chord you can still play the G minor pentatonic and just use that C#/Db which is the blue note of the pentatonic scale but also the 7th tone of the Eb 7th chord. There are no wrong notes just ones that you might like better so do not be afraid of jumping out of that box. At the end we finish this solo up with a nice pinch harmonic. That is where you allow the side of your thumb to touch the string after picking it creating an artificial harmonic. These really make your playing pop!