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Watch the Modern Equivalent: Rhythm 2 online guitar lesson by Trey Alexander from Quantum Rock

This rhythm uses some alterations of the chords. The way that I looked at these chords was in the scaleular sense. Sometimes it is a good idea to look at the fret board as a whole and not think of what notes I am playing and try and do my best to let my ears find what they like. I think sometimes we all forget how important our ears are. The way that I came up with the variations was using the C Minor scale, I simply picked out notes that I enjoyed listening to. This helped to avoid grabbing some of the normal grips that you would use in rock and blues. I tried not to think about which chords I played and I really concentrated on letting my ear guide me to them. It is amazing what lurks in the back of your mind and if you take the time out to listen I think we all have very hip and cool things lurking in there. Remember that all of the things that we are learning are ultimately going to be used to help facilitate learning what is in our hearts and minds. That way, when the music is passed down to us we are capable of attempting to recreate it. At the end of the rhythm you will be doing a funk like rhythm with some double stop lines and some muting. This will add an extreme funk effect! Really concentrate on muting any unwanted notes. There is a great statement that the notes not being played are just as important as the ones coming out of your amplifier. You will also notice some repeating lines that are coupled with the bass notes. This creates a nice movement. Sometimes the bassist can give us the comfortability of playing the same thing and it still feeling like it has movement.

So remember if you take any three notes and play them together it is going to create a chord that you may or may not like. Also keep in mind that there are no wrong notes just notes that you or I like better. Enjoy every sound that comes out and then take your time to listen to what you enjoy hearing!