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Watch the Rock Roll: Ex. 5a online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Kings of Rock & Roll Vol. 7: Jimmy Page

This excerpt is based on the first 12 bars of what is a permutation from a standard 12-bar blues form, one that is instead a 24-bar form, with all of the bar lengths of a 12-bar blues doubled: instead of four bars, eight bars are played on the I (one) chord in the beginning of the progression, followed by four bars of the IV (four) chord instead of two bars, etc.
In this excerpt, I attempt to demonstrate Page's predilection for traversing the fretboard and moving smoothly from one position to another across a solo: this solo begins with a series of repeated pull-off riffs in third position, after which I gradually move up to fifth positon; in bar eight, I play a repeated riff that ascends chromatically from fifth to 10th position, which sets up the next series of riffs.