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Watch the Stylistic Touches online guitar lesson by Angus Clark from Hard Rock Survival Guide: Rhythm

A good deal of hard rock, both classic and modern, is single note riff based. From Sabbath to Papa Roach to Rage Against the Machine, the single note riff played with conviction on a great sounding guitar can fill up the sound plenty. We're going to look at a couple of riffs that are based on the blues scale, and we're going to look at a few inflections that make your playing sound stylistically accurate. Make sure your hammer-ons and pull-offs are even and in time. Practice them with a metronome. Check the pitch resulting from your pinch harmonics and make sure that it actually works in whatever key you are in or whatever chord you are playing over. Make sure that your pick slide or power slide is done with the right intention. It's all about what's going to happen next. Don't sacrifice the next donwbeat for the pick slide!