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Watch the Shore Leave Shuffle online guitar lesson by Angus Clark from Hard Rock Survival Guide: Rhythm

There isn't too much complicated stuff going on as far as chord shapes, although I will point out the second chord in the descending bass line section is a nice E/G# go-to of mine. Be careful to mute the fifth string so that you just get the sixth, fourth, and third strings ringing. You can let the top two strings ring open, but in the application we're also hearing the voice leading on the third string so I'm keeping the top two strings muted. This is also an example of how to perform in a relaxed fashion. You'll see me use my left thumb both to fret notes and just to dampen the sixth string so that my strumming hand can just keep plowing away. This kind of stuff is really important and you should take it into account when practicing. People don't want to see performers look uncomfortable or challenged all the time. Sure, sometimes it's okay to show them that you're working hard, but for the most part, you should look like you're having a good time, because you are. So try to incorporate the fingerings and hand position that I'm demonstrating and see if it's comfortable for you. It ought to be. I spent a lot of time getting the fundamentals of my hand position right so that I've avoided any kind of chronic tendon issues, etc. Relaxed and comfortable equals healthy. This is also a great time to make sure you're getting what you want from your amp or signal processor. If you can't get the dynamic shifts I'm demonstrating from adjusting your volume knob and your intensity of play - then you should look at your settings or equipment and find out what's holding you back. Too much gain? Too little? Crappy taper on your volume pot? Using a gate that needs adjusting or should be bypassed? I've used every kind of amp and processor you can name and if you let your ears be your guide you can probably get close to a workable tone no matter what your budget is.