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Watch the Power Chords in Rhythm online guitar lesson by Angus Clark from Hard Rock Survival Guide: Rhythm

Let's apply the basic rhythms we learned in concept 3 to power chords. Here's eighth notes, notice that this is all downstrokes. It is a precise stroke, not a strum, it hits just the two strings I want to ring. Now, you can sometimes, depending on the sound you want, add the octave above the fifth to your power chord. You may see me do this in the concept exercises, so don't be surprised. I'm introducing another chord progression here that we'll see elsewhere in the course. Just take notes of how the different chord progressions sound and you'll realize how many different songs you hear them in. We're also going to start applying right-hand muting at this point. Right hand muting is using the side of your palm against the strings to mute them while you play. You should still be able to hear the pitch of the notes you are fretting. The side of your right hand should be on the bridge and then press forward onto the string just enough to mute the note without pushing it sharp. We'll do some simple rhythm exercises here, the main point is for you to experiment with the muting and to get your pickstroke firm and accurate. The exercises also include the concept of accenting the pickstroke, and then creating an accent by un-muting the chord. These are core techniques that you will use throughout the course and in everyday rhythm playing. Do not skip anything here (or anywhere).