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Watch the Running Stone Cold online guitar lesson by Angus Clark from Hard Rock Survival Guide: Lead

A couple of the licks are kind of neat. The descending run that ends on the open D string is a cool one, and this would be an example of "here to there" problem solving. I wanted something that started with the 5 - b6 motion but the run would normally end on the 2, so I just skip the 2 and jump down to the open string, which I can let ring while I switch up to the 12th position for the start of the next riff. The next riff features an "extended" fingering. This is where you reach out with your fourth finger to grab a note outside of the position you are in. In this case it's hitting an A on the top string while staying in the 12th position. Gets you different sound than all the other three-note-per-string stuff that's going on.

The solo map here is all about register. The highest note in the solo is the last one. It's like fast stuff interspersed with these passages that work the half-steps from the scale. An interesting format I think.